Predicting features implemented in Google Home Assistant

Updated: Jan 18

Problem: Turn the volume up for any number of reasons, and the next time that you use your assistant you'll get screamed at. Sound intelligent? Because it's not.

It should have been common sense to Google dev's that the voice and the media have their own controls. Google thinks that all you care about is the type of voice, but not its volume... I wonder how many people made it to that screen in the settings and couldn't believe it's not accompanied with a volume slider.

Listen to quiet music and turn up the volume? Get screamed at next time you use it. Play white noise for your baby? Better not say any commands or Assistant will scream your baby awake, and anyone else in the vicinity.

Serious question: Google dev's, are you even using your own products?

I hope Google isn't paying these developers above minimum wage, earning more than that would require they be able to envision the various ways consumers interact with their products, but due to a massive lack of experience in consumer electronics, they cannot.

The title does say "features", that's because they'll eventually add control over responses, such as choosing a chime, dialogue, or nothing. Currently my favorite is nothing. I don't need my "fancy light switch" to talk back to me in any way when I use it. They'll likely also add a simplified feature that disables all audio responses unless you asked a question, beyond customization of specific responses. These features would help Google Home blend into its environment instead of screaming at me because last night I played some soft music and turned up the volume.


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