Solar and Wind

Design and estimates

Why renewables?

  • ROI (return on investment)

  • Efficient, low-maintenance, silent/quiet 

  • Simple, easy to design and operate

  • Can be more reliable than the grid

  • Increases mobility

  • Safety and emergency applications

  • 20-30 year warranty, long-lasting

Utilizing remanufactured EV batteries, my systems run on cost-effective storage

There are mountains of outdated facts, misinformation, and myths about renewable energy and batteries.

This graphic is the best example of the efficiency of renewables. Solar is assumed not be powerful enough to challenge fossil fuels, but it is.

Schedule an estimate and I'll provide a detailed document of your renewable capabilities including solar, wind, and storage. It also includes solar pricing estimates so you know how much the hardware costs, and panel tilt/orientation for each season.

Why isn't everyone doing it? They are. China is leading, with 32% of its energy from solar, and that number is rapidly increasing.

Are renewables right for you?

Own a home, business, recreational vehicle, work vehicle, boat, or trailer?

Renewables aren't just for homes or buildings. Flexible panels on a work van can save a surprising amount in gas. One solar panel on your boat to power emergency equipment not only pays for itself but provides extra safety. Install panels on your RV and you've got ~2kW, which is enough to cook, run lights, and more.

Or just put a few panels on your shed to power small equipment and charge your tools without adding a breaker and running wire. Simply powering your tools, the ROI will still be more rapid than any other home investment.

Inquire about an estimate! I'm new in Austin so it's only $50 right now!

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