Smart HOME Design

Combining consumer products with custom solutions

When I was eleven years old I asked myself how someone with a hearing impairment would know the doorbell is ringing. The solution was the contraption you see to the right.

These days, instead of tin foil and speaker wire, I'm utilizing platforms like Arduino, Teensy, Raspberry Pi, and Prusa 3D, allowing me to build powerful electronics and 3D print anything that's plastic.

Combining consumer-grade smart home products with open source solutions like Home Assistant, I create "the smartest" smart homes. Average homes have about 10 automations, such as lights and blinds. My systems include over 100.

Additionally, I specialize in custom solutions for both mental and physical disabilities.

"Turn on the lights"

"Cut the grass"

"Play music"

"Vacuum the house"

"Order milk"

"Feed the dog"

"Hey, Google"

Small systems from as low as $100, up to entire homes (as pictured) with fully-integrated components connected to a proprietary off-line system handling the homes energy, water, security, and more.

(Details have been changed to protect proprietary technology)

Working with thousands of devices means instead of a pricing chart I provide free estimates.

Smart homes are designed around your needs, built to be scalable and upgradeable, and most importantly, improve your life and increase the efficiency of your home. Additionally, nothing is unhackable, so I offer unique offline systems, and "minimized" online systems where hackers would have no threatening abilities if they compromised your home.

Here's an example interface, it's completely customizable and could include live security video, controls for appliances and smart devices, different wallpapers and themes, and more.

It's important for a smart home to operate largely on its own. Automation is key to making these systems worthwhile. An interface that allows for both pre-made and custom automations is hugely important.

Both Google Home and Alexa provide great services but lack a powerful "control center" as you see here.

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